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For this assignment, you are asked to provide one recent example of false advertising in the United States

Part 1: Please provide the following information:

1.      Company name

2.      Advertising message

3.      Investigation

4.      Outcome of investigation

Please make sure you use reputable sources when presenting your case. Do not just Google and provide information that you found by conducting your Google search. Use the library – if it was a big enough case, you will find legitimate articles written about it.

Part 2: Analysis

For this part, you are asked to analyze the investigation and the outcome of the investigation. Support your findings with sources. Was the outcome fair? Was it satisfactory? Who conducted the investigation?

In conclusion, write why false advertising can increase profits in the short run, but can ruin a business in the long run. 

Please follow APA guidelines; do not just answer the questions, but write your paper in essay style. Include a cover page and a reference page; total amount of pages (including cover and reference page) should not be less than 4 pages, but not exceed 6 pages.

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