Week2 test and measurements 5page


Review and Selection of a Standardized Test

In Unit 1, you read “The Concerns of the Profession” on pages 66–68 of your Psychological Testing and Assessment text as well as the Code. While the Code addresses the roles of test developers and test users separately, you will be following the standards for test users and, specifically, the section on selecting tests (refer page 5). There are nine elements to consider when selecting a test. You will focus on the first four of these elements for this assignment.

In your paper:

  • Identify a test category      that is relevant to your academic and professional career goals. The List      of Tests by Type document identifies the 11 categories you may choose      from. They include (1) intelligence/cognitive abilities, (2)      achievement/aptitude, (3) personality, (4) behavior, (5) adaptive      behavior, (6) neuropsychological, (7) career/business/organization, (8)      autism, (9) depression, (10) preschool, and (11) behavior analytic skill      assessments.
  • Select three tests from a      single category using the List of Tests by Type document. (Note: If      you have an interest in a particular test that is not on this list, then      you may, as an option, submit a request to your instructor to include it      in your first assignment with two other tests on      the list in the same category. Your instructor will review      it and determine if you may proceed with including that test in your      assignment or recommend that you select three tests from the list.)
  • Compare and contrast these      three tests according to the Code’s first four elements.
    • Access the Capella library       and conduct a search. Use the MMY database to locate and read a review       for each test.
    • Visit the publishers’       website for each test to obtain additional information.
    • Return to the Capella       library to choose a database, for example, PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, and       ERIC (education research). Search for journal articles that are relevant       to the four elements and each test. (See the PSY7610 Library Search       Guide, linked in the resources, for search advice. An optional worksheet       is also provided to you in the resources to facilitate your research and       literature review.)

Instructions for the content of the paper are in the template located in the Resources. Write your assignment using the u02a1 Assignment Template [DOCX].

You may use the Optional Research Worksheet given in the resources to complete this assignment.

Additional Requirements

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • References: A minimum of nine references are required for this assignment.      These resources may include all of the reference sources identified in      your Psychological Testing and Assessment text      (pages 29–35), but must include:
    • Three MMY test reviews (one       for each test).
    • Three test publisher       websites (one for each test).
    • Three journal articles (one       for each test).
  • Length of paper: A minimum of five pages of content, not      including the title page or references (an abstract is not required).
  • APA format: Current APA format and style is required throughout. Be sure to      use correct format and style for each respective type of reference, for      example, Web site versus journal).

Note: The articles you need to complete this assignment should be available inside the library collection. In future courses, you may use the Capella library’s Interlibrary Loan service to obtain articles outside of the collection, but you should not have to use the service for this course. In the event that you cannot find articles covering a newer test edition, please refer to the List of Tests by Type document in the resources. Note which tests have been designated as acceptable for searching prior test editions.


Joint Committee on Testing Practices. (2004). Code of fair testing practices in education. http://www.apa.org/science/programs/testing/fair-testing.pdf









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