Update schedule documents reflecting compressed schedule

Submit an updated Gantt chart and network/PERT diagram based on fast tracking one activity and crashing one additional activity. Include an explanation to your sponsor and key stakeholders describing the requirements and impact of these two adjustments and any schedule compression risks that should be addressed based on the unique characteristics of your project.

Note: The purpose of the project is to implement and train healthcare practitioners of the local clinic on EHR (electronic health records) systems. 

You have your project scope baseline (project scope statement, WBS, and WBS Dictionary) and your project schedule baseline (Gantt chart and network/PERT diagram) defined. This is a great start to managing your project, but don’t get too comfortable. The one thing we are certain about in managing a project is that during the project lifecycle, something will change. Most experience project manages assume that change is a given, particularly as requirements need to be adjusted once stakeholders have a better idea of what is required to meet their needs. This week you will optimize your project schedule to reduce the time required to complete the project. This optimized schedule will result in an updated schedule baseline.


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