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This project provides you with the opportunity to examine algorithms, identify the inaccuracies in the algorithms, and finally, to modify the algorithms with the correct details. Your next step will be to write an algorithm that includes the three control structures (sequence, selection, and repetition). First, explain the purpose of the algorithm by providing a brief description for the task being performed. Then, list the details of the algorithm. Remember to include all three control structures (sequence, selection, and repetition).

Select ONE of the following tasks as the basis for completing your algorithm:

 Changing a television channel by using a remote control

 Using a sponge to wash a car

 Walking up a set of stairs

ITC 4210, Programming Concepts and Problem Solving 3

 This document include two algorithms you will review, identify the inaccuracies, and insert the corrections. Additionally, there is a space for you to add the algorithm you will write. Complete your work on the template provided.

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