The director of software engineering


The director of software engineering for the company has determined that you will use the Scrum methodology for development and implementation of the billing program. The director has asked you to present to the rest of the team, including your intern, a description of this methodology.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 12 to 14 slides, including introduction and conclusion slides and detailed speaker notes, and ensure you do the following:

  • Explain how the Scrum Framework works and describe its main principles.
  • Describe the Scrum Events.
  • Create 3 user stories for the billing project that will be critical to the design process.
  • Describe 3 technical design specifications that will be used for the 3 stories above.
  • Describe in detail how a sprint will be used during requirements, development, testing and acceptance steps.
  • Identify a software management tool and describe how it can be used as you implement design and coding.

Note: Each Microsoft PowerPoint slide must include a title that identifies the topic being presented. Slides for these topics must follow the order listed in the question. Use Microsoft PowerPoint for this assignment.

Cite all sources using APA guidelines.

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