the cio of your organization has asked you to create a risk | BSA510 IT Governance And Management | University of Phoenix

Create a risk matrix in which you:

  • Consider the potential vulnerabilities or threats facing the organization. 
  • Describe the risk each vulnerability or threat would have on the organization in terms of its people, network, data, or reputation. 
  • Explain the impact of each risk on the organization. 
  • Provide defined mitigation for each vulnerability, such as an incident response plan, disaster recovery plan, or business continuity plan. Give a defined reason why a vulnerability or threat would not be mitigated, such as the use of a different risk control strategy, if appropriate.

Note* This is not a summary risk matrix, this is the detailed matrix that includes all of the above as columns in a table.

As part of your risk management plan, provide an executive summary of the major issues that are shown in the matrix and the impact they may have on business operations.

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