Team building | Applied Sciences homework help

Assignment: APA format, intext citations, References. A 7 page strategic proposal address the following:

Part I: Team Creation

*Identify the five different onboarding team members(Team members from the “Thomason Health System Bios” (see attachment). 

* Justify the reason for selections and exclusions for the onboarding team, using the principles of interprofessional teams.

*Explain the different roles and responsibilities each team member will have as a part of the onboarding team.

Part II: Team Building

* Outline a team building plan using team building principles (i.e., Team STEPPS).

* Analyze potential challenges in the process of creating an effective onboarding team.

*Select techniques that will be used by the COO and within the team to identify, negotiate, and resolve conflicts.

*Describe an engagement plan to keep the onboarding team motivated and cohesive.

PartIII: Engaging the Organization

* Explain how the onboarding team will apply principles of group dynamics to engage Thomason Health System staff in the implementation and adoption of EMRs.

* Identify at least two appropriate strategies the onboarding team will use to address resistance to adopting EMRs by the THS staff.

*Create a plan for assessing the effectiveness of the onboarding team in three months, six months, and one year.

* Create a plan for assessing THS staff’s engagement in the adoption of EMRs at three months, six months, and one year.

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