Suppose that rob and big both raise animals and sell them. because

Suppose that Rob and Big both raise animals and sell them. Because Rob and Big have different talents, they have varying abilities to raise these animals. In 1 day, Rob can produce either 10 bulldogs or 20 mini-horses. In 1 day, Big can produce either 9 bulldogs or 36 mini-horses. Assume that Rob and Big decide to specialize completely and trade with one another. Over the course of 1 month (30 days), Rob will produce ____ bulldogs and ___ mini-horses while Big will produce _____ bulldogs and ____ mini-horses.

After specialization, suppose that Rob and Big trade with each other and Rob sends Big 235 bulldogs. In order for both Rob and Big to benefit from trade, Big must send Rob more than: (round your answers to two decimal places)

fewer than:

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