Submit a powerpoint-style presentation with a pitch script in the


Be sure to include the following, with any other relevant information that you think is essential to an effective pitch:

  • 1. Student identifies the potential customers or end users who would be positively affected if the organization adopted the more formal design thinking process and thoroughly analyzes how and the extent to which these stakeholders would be impacted. Student provides several detailed examples to support his/her analysis. 
  • 2.  Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of how design thinking could be used in the organization, including a detailed strategy for implementation, a well-reasoned and compelling argument aimed at convincing the VP of Customer Service of the value of adopting design thinking, and potential benefits of adopting the process and potential consequences of not doing so are discussed. 
  • 3.  Student presents a compelling argument using 5 to 7 slides with each slide designed with no more than six one-line bullets or one figure, concisely explaining the value of design thinking, why it is useful for problems-solving, and the potential consequence of not using the process. The slides are presented using the notes section of each slide. 

reference page is listed in the attachment.

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