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Identify the selected practice problem.

Dr. Bartelt and classmates, my selected practice problem is adults who are living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  The number of people in the United States who are currently living with COPD is around 15.5 million and there are many more who are undiagnosed due to lack of healthcare resources and testing (Pleasants et al., 2016).  The number of people with COPD in the United States will continue to grow for the foreseeable future and has the potential to overwhelm the healthcare system if not curtailed (Bemker & Ralyea, 2018).  The DNP leader in the healthcare setting is well suited to manage care for these individuals with chronic lung disease and to influence their care that leads to overall improvements in health as well as an increased quality of life and reduced long-term complications (Bemker & Ralyea, 2018). 

Describe an evidence-based intervention to address the practice problem.

The most effective management strategy for any type of chronic illness is early diagnosis and targeted efforts to improve long-term health (Ambrosino & Bertella, 2018).  Early diagnosis of COPD before the onset of symptoms allows the individual to receive care and make lifestyle changes that can prevent rapid progression of the disease that leads to poor prognosis and an early death (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, 2020).  Conducting spirometry testing in high-risk individuals can identify COPD before the onset of symptoms allowing for an early diagnosis and preventing many significant health complications (Ambrosino & Bertella, 2018). 

Create an informational population health “tweet” as part of a social marketing intervention.  This “tweet” should be no more than 280 characters to promote awareness of the health problem and intervention.  Your “tweet” should be current, captivating, and applicable for the population at risk.

“Did you know that you can have COPD even if you do not have symptoms?  Free screenings that are quick and easy can identify COPD early.  Visit your local health center for a discussion with a healthcare provider and learn if you are at risk. It could literally save your life.”

Identify one measurable outcome to the “tweet”.

One measurable outcome to this tweet is to quantify the number of people who attend the free screening events and to reference the total number of people who attend in conjunction with the results from the spirometry testing.  This measure can give you satisfaction that more people are being screened, which will lead to more people being diagnosed early and an improvement in long-term health and wellness (Pleasants et al., 2016).  Most people who are undiagnosed with COPD have significant socioeconomic disparities and an overall lack of healthcare resources.  Providing targeted free screening efforts such as this one in areas considered as having high-risk populations is a way of reducing healthcare disparities and can produce excellent results.


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