* show your company’s way to globalization and the issues faced and


•Select a brand

• Explain the Brand element- brand name and brand logo

• Identify whether the brand is a trade name or trade logo (why?)

• Identify the brand logo history/brand name history

• Brand extension- line or category extension or both

• Glocalisation or globalization of brand

Give maximum examples for each area.

Basically we will have to do the above, make a report and then present it as powerpoint

Words count depends on the presentation. I mean at the end the presentation should have something like 10-15 slides

I prefer if i can have a reprot so i can have more information. As you know the presentation should be less detailed than the report

Detailed Instructions

* Select a global brand

* Give a short introduction about it

* Find the brand value

* Focus on a product made by this brand

* Explain the brand element (brand name and brand mark)

* Show if the brand name/mark is registered or not. For example does it has TM or R?

* Show the history of the brand element. How the logo changed over time and why?

* How the logo was changed from region to another and why?

* Show how your brand enjoy “Brand Extension”. Is it Line Extension or Category Extension? Show examples.

* Check if there are any Brand Extension failures. 

* Show your company’s way to globalization and the issues faced and the opportunities available.

Bonus points:

* Is the “Green Brand” Available?

* Show Statistics about the Brand Awareness, perception, association, loyalty and equity.

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