Research paper | Operations Management homework help

Due in 24 hours!!! 3 Pages long


Research Paper using ebook as resource or if you can get a copy of the book (Operations Management Stevenson, 12e). I will provide link and access to ebook. The paper is about operations management.


Guidelines below. Detailed Instructions in the document attached. 




  1. Use current APA edition for all formatting.
  2. Use at least 2 levels of indentation.
  3. Do not include graphics in the text; add them as appendices.
  4. Avoid the use of direct quotations; rather, focus on paraphrasing to demonstrate critical thinking.
  5. Font size of 12 or smaller.
  6. Margins of 1 inch or smaller.
  7. The total page count must be 3 pages, not including front matter, appendices, and references.


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