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HMGT 400 Research and Data Analysis in Health Care-Exercise

Dataset: HMGTHOSP.csv (Please download dataset from the class.

Required program: RStudio or R Programming.

Author, Hossein Zare, PhD

Citation: Zare, H. (2017). HMGT 400 7980 Research and Data Analysis in Health Care-Exercise. UMUC.EDU

For each week exercise, I will post Master RStudio codes and a video, please follow the class announcement page.

Exercise #1:

The attached dataset, provides some information about hospitals in 2011 and 2012, download the data and then complete the descriptive table. Please use the following format to report your findings. 

Table 1. Descriptive statistics between hospitals in 2011 & 2012


Hospital Characteristics







St. Dev



St. Dev


1. Hospital beds

2. Number of paid Employee

3. Number of non-paid Employee

4. Total hospital cost

5. Total hospital revenues

6. Available Medicare days

7. Available Medicaid days

8. Total Hospital Discharge

9. Medicare discharge

10. Medicaid discharge

Based on your findings in which years hospitals had better performance? Please write a short paragraph  

Download file from here: WeeklyExercise-Questions

Download data file from here: HMGT400HOSPITAL


Useful links: 

Using t-tests in R []

Understanding t.test() in R  []

Instruction: Step-by-Step-Guideline

Download CODES From here: E1-Codes

Download CODES NO DPLYR From here: E1-Codes-No-Dplyr

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