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Cerebral Palsy is the topic i would like to choose for powerpoint

This assignment will allow you to investigate and report on approaches to identification and assessment of a specific developmental disability by designing a PowerPoint presentation for the class. Submit your disability selection (any one of the disabilities discussed in your text: Intellectual Impairment [formerly known as Mental Retardation], Autism Spectrum Disorder, early academic learning difficulty or emotional/behavioral problems) and your date/time for the presentation to your instructor for approval by week 3. To ensure that a variety of disabilities are covered, your instructor will ensure that each student presents on a different disability on a first come first served basis, so submit your preferences as soon as possible to ensure a topic of interest. We will hear three – four presentations each week between weeks 10 and 15. You will have 15 minutes to present to the class; limit presentation to 8-12 slides. The presentation should include coverage of the following: (a) Description of the selected developmental disability, including diagnostic/classification criteria (and corresponding identification system: DSM-5, IDEA, Zero to Three) and strengths and weaknesses of individuals with this disorder; (b) Descriptions of assessments for identifying this disability, including discussion of best practice considerations identified from the research literature (must provide 5 Peer-reviewed article references supporting the points presented in your presentation), psychometric properties, technical consideration [validity/reliability], etc); (c) Description of sources of assessment information, settings, and other contextual considerations for identifying the selected developmental disability; (d) examination of cultural, language, and disability considerations for  assessment. Your presentation should be interactive between you and your audience and should allow time for a question & answer period. 


ower Point Presentation Grading Rubric:

0-14 points

15-17 points

18-20 points


LOs: 1, 2, & 4-5

Ideas, questions, and thoughts provide little of the required information (a-d above) and/or you discuss only your opinions without support from the course material or research.

Some required components (a-d above) are addressed but not all or not fully. There is some integration of your ideas with the course material and your own research (or you provide limited course/research support for your ideas)

You fully address the four required areas a-d listed above. You fully support your personal ideas with the course material and your own research

Expressive Skills

You are difficult to follow and/or disorganized in your presentation format/approach; slides are visually unappealing and you rarely answer and/or engage your audience.

You communicate clearly only some of the time and/or are inconsistently enthusiastic (e.g., merely reading directly from slides); You hold the attention of the audience); you use only text slides; You offer only the most direct response to the audience questions without engaging further.

You communicate clearly and in an appropriately enthusiastic tone (well beyond merely reading directly from slides); You actively engaging the audience; You integrate verbal skills with other teaching methods (e.g., include interesting graphics or videos, etc.); You accurately and completely respond to questions from others and attempt to engage in further discussion.


Syntax, Grammar, Spelling

APA format with many errors; fewer than 2 scholarly references

Multiple errors

APA format with few or no errors; 3-4 scholarly references 

Several errors

APA format without error; 5 or more scholarly references in addition to the assigned readings

Few or no errors

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