Ponzi scheme | Accounting homework help

Read about a legal case that may or may not be a Ponzi scheme. Address the following questions. This case is related to Chapter 8 that you will learn this week.

1. First read about the definition of Ponzi Scheme by SEC (https://www.investor.gov/protect-your-investments/fraud/types-fraud/ponzi-scheme). Explain how the argument of Jim Finn, the expert for the receiver, fits the definition of Ponzi scheme.

2. Now assume you are an expert witness on the side of the defendant. How would you make the argument that what the company did was not a Ponzi scheme?

3. You are still the expert witness of the defendant. Read about ‘Side-Taking’ in page 8-18 of the textbook. How would you avoid being in a situation like Dr. Pratt?

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