Penn literature lesson 1 700175rr/penn literature lesson 1 700175rr



Question 1 

1. When characters say something that’s the opposite of what they mean, they’re using 

A. sarcasm.

B. irony.

C. symbolism.

D. conflict.

Question 2 

2. Which of the following is considered a genre of fictional literature? 

A. Universal

B. Science fiction

C. Realism

D. Symbolic

Question 3 

3. In “A White Heron,” having made her choice between an attraction of the heart and her bond with nature, Sylvia 

A. retains her loyalty to nature as her affection for the hunter grows.

B. retains her loyalty to nature and becomes more suspicious of human nature.

C. chooses human love over her loyalty to nature.

D. is able to experience a lasting inner calm.

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