Peer response due in 6 hours

1 peer response due in 6 hours

 (the best response/reply will have a total of at least two (2) paragraphs with at least five (5) sentences per paragraph) 



One of the greatest leaders I know of is Mother Teresa. The leadership qualities of compassion, lead by example, for followers, self-less, caring and nurturing, and the list goes on. Some theories define Mother Teresa’s leadership as situational leadership because she would help people according to their situation, if someone was sick she would take care of them, if someone was hungry she would feed them, if someone didn’t have home she would give them shelter. Whatever situation arise she would find a way to help people. But the point is she was determined to help as many people as there were who needed help irrespective of gender, religion or affluency. I think the way leadership has evolved and identified in several ways, it is for anyone (regardless of gender) who wants to practice and become a leader. And for the fact that all my bosses at home and work have always been the opposite gender.

Ethnocentrism is like the elephant in the room. It exists everywhere, between people, groups, leader-follower. For example, a manager who thinks that their way is the always the right way, will always underestimate team, fail to listen to their needs, undermine their approaches and demotivate them. And, in a personal relationship, someone who feels their culture is superior and tries to enforce it will either destroy the relationship or create a situation in which their partner is forced to ignore their own culture and adapt to new one causing indignation and resentment. For a leader, overcoming ethnocentrism is as simple as being a good leader. A leader who leads by example without judging follower(s) and understanding and respecting everyone and their culture is the best way to overcome ethnocentrism.

This course and the book Leadership Northouse overall has been great to understand different aspects of leadership and how to practice and execute each. It not just includes what are the different styles and approaches one can take to be a leader in different scenarios and settings but also how to become a leader in such scenarios. I think the one that made more sense to me in terms of daily application at work and in personal life is the skills approach. Problem definition, goal analysis, constraint analysis, cognitive ability and wisdom are skills and competencies any manager can learn to become a LEADER.

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