Nichowilliam | Psychology homework help

There is 3 assignments; each assignment need to be in APA format and will be submitted through safe assign for plagiarism 

Assignment 1:

 Write a one to two page paper discussing the role of crises (natural disasters, death and/or traumatic experiences) in human development.  How could a Clinical Mental Health Counselor help build resilience in individuals who experience these situations.  Be sure to cite at least three resources.    

Assignment 2:

 Write a one to two page paper on theories of addictions and addictive behaviors.  Their origins and how Clinical Mental Health Counselors could help individuals find a way out and help families cope.  Be sure to cite at least three references. 

 Assignment 3:

Watch this T.E.D. talk by Lucy Hone on Resilience.

Write a one page summary of her plan for resilience

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