Module 05 discussion – seeing the impact of families module 05

The research is clear. Family involvement is linked to student academic success. The National Association for the Education of Young Children states: Family members are welcome in the setting, and there are multiple opportunities for family participation. Families participate in program decisions about their children’s care and education.

Practitioners involve families as a source of information about the child and engage them in the planning. Take a moment to look at your insight as an early childhood educator. For your initial post, please identify three specific ideas for engaging families and getting the parents involved in the early childhood setting. Discuss why the actions in your ideas would positively impact the children’s development.

Prove that your ideas are developmentally appropriate for impacting the children’s development by providing supporting references. Use your best APA formatting for your references. For more information on APA formatting visit this link.

In your response postings, thoroughly comment on your peers’ responses, ask them questions to deepen your understanding of their ideas, and offer additional ideas for supporting families in the early childhood education setting.

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