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  The OPTIONAL rewrite should be the best work you can present, reflecting everything you have learned in English 1201 this semester.   The rewrite should consist of the following parts:   

  1. A one-page self-edit for the rewrite, in which you comment on your own paper now that you have had a chance to read it over and think about it in the context of all the papers we’ve gone over. Consider the thesis, the types of evidence used, the organization, and the conclusion. Which parts needed more work and how did you go about revising them? Be as specific as possible. A self-edit is required or the rewrite will not be graded.
  2. If you are writing a paper you did not turn in the first time around, the self-edit should explain why the paper was not handed in on time and what you did in order to catch up and review the lessons missed the first time around.

 3. Upload a rewritten version of the same paper. Although it shouldn’t be on a new topic, it should look completely different from the first version, and you should correct or revise even the things that were not marked on the original. Eliminate “you” or weak examples, tighten thesis statements, and make sure the conclusions are focused and leave the reader with something to think about. The grammar should be as close to perfect as you can make it. Consult your handbooks often. Make sure the MLA format is used perfectly.  If there are excessive errors on the first page, or if the paper is not in proper MLA format (for example, if it has spaces between the paragraphs or no name/page # on the top right on the page), the rewrite will not be graded.  4. It is up to you if you want to rewrite anything; in general it is not worth spending more time on a B or above, although you may do so if you wish. The papers will be read, compared to the original (if there is one), and evaluated along with the self-edits described in #2.   The new grades will be re-averaged and an overall score assigned to the entire set of papers you have written this semester. Make sure you are handing in top-quality work. I will also provide one-on-one help as needed.  

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