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Innovative Company Profile Report: Students will select and research a company that is regarded as innovative (companies used as case studies or exemplars in class and any companies previously written about in the course are not eligible). Using course materials and aspects of the innovation process discussed in class, students will write an approximately 1,500 word analysis on what makes their selected firm innovative. This can include signs of innovation at any and all stages of the company’s development, such as the process that they used for identifying a need in the market, its business model and strategy, management style, product design or technology, impact, etc. All papers must be Times New Roman 12pt font or equivalent, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and in standard research paper format, including a title page and references section. Grades will be based not so much on the stylistic quality of the writing but on the student’s ability to apply what we have discussed in class to their analysis of innovation in their chosen company.

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