Informative speech outline | Education homework help


Assignment Description

You will prepare and deliver a speech using the power of words. You will use the devices to convey your emotions and move your audience to connect with your purpose. Get your message across to your audience by using many strategies. You will create images and emotion in your audience using storytelling, humor or sharing personal experiences (both heartbreaking and fulfilling). You will also apply the oratorical skills that you have been exploring. 

Completion Instructions

Presentation Topic: For this presentation, you will act as a representative agent for the University, recruiting prospective students from your country of origin. Prepare a speech outline that persuades the prospects. Describe, among other ideas: Your experiences, emotions and challenges of your life in Canada, moving around the City, Campus activities, career projection and Permanent Residency possibilities. Tell a story, add humor, move your audience to feel your story.

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