In 24 hours, management class assignment

– This assignment is for Intro:Org Theory, Behav & Mgmt class and I need it in 24 hours, please.

– And feel free to contact me if you need any additional materials.



*Online Discussions (All due dates will be posted in Blackboard/MindTap).

Class participation using the discussion board tool is a required component of the course. You will be required to post messages several times. You must also read and comment on other class members’ posts. Your comments should reflect comprehension and thoughtful commentary. “I agree” is not a substantive contribution. Use proper English (grammar and punctuation) in your posts.

You will find the Discussion Questions in Blackboard. Look on the course’s main page, in the left hand side column under Tools you’ll find a link for the Discussion Board.



Chapter 10 is about Organizational Design, Chapter 11 is about Change & Innovation, and Chapter12 is about managing Human Resources. In this round of chapters and your next Discussion Question, draw from your readings and past experiences to discuss this highly debated issue: 

“One HR manager recently got a thank-you note on her iPhone that said “Thx 4 the Iview! Wud♥ to wrk 4 u!!!☺” The manager had liked the candidate’s interview, but after getting the note, she put him in the reject pile. Do you think it was fair for the manager to reject the candidate so automatically? Should “textspeak” be considered acceptable workplace communication? Discuss.”



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