Here is the assignment.  you should print it off and hand it in to me

Here is the assignment.  You should print it off and hand it in to me by the start of class next week.

Five pages. 10 additional points. Cite sources.

Research a company that follows the Societal Marketing Concept.  Show evidence as to why you think they are following this philosophy.  Discuss any macro-environmental trends they may be responding to.  With specific examples, discuss how they demonstrate this philosophy through the Marketing Mix.

What do you think your brand should do to follow this Concept more strongly? Outline your ideas.


Information about the last question:

My brand is Tiffany & Co. and I’m doing a marketing plan to help expand its market. The target audience is homosexual. I will promote new collection for homosexual, but cannot be too obvious to isolate this group. So, I’m going to do a theme about that love is irrelated to sex, race and age.


Please don’t write too professional but give write answers. 


Email me if you have questions please. Thank you!

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