Group case study byd of china


· Based on the weekly discussion and interaction with your teammates, each student will complete an individual paper. The paper for BYD should be 3-4 pages. Also, add a cover page and a References page. Papers must follow APA style and format.

· An analysis of the key issues in the cases is to be included in the paper. Make sure to employ key concepts studied in the course text. For your papers, consider and comment on questions such as:

o What happened?

o What was the cause(s)?

o What was the impact?

o What was the outcome?

o What concepts and theories were effective for Crocs in your analysis? Why were they effective?

o What concepts and theories were ineffective? Why were they ineffective?

· How has BYD changed, advanced, or evolved since its inception?

· the most important findings,

· the major strengths and weaknesses of BYD’s methods of managing operations, and

· recommendations for improvements that could be made to bolster BYD’s operations.  The analysis should provide a brief background or introduction for the reader; identify what you believe to be the key issues; describe the elements of critical thinking and decision making that came into play; and include your assessment of what might have been done to change the situation to a more positive outcome if necessary.

· Submit individual papers by Day 7 of Week 3 (BYD)

· Format

o Introduction: This should be about 2 short paragraphs. Briefly describe the company, issue(s), concern(s), etc.

o Case Analysis Address the questions mentioned previously. Elaborate on the product(s), operations, processes, production, and topics covered in the text and your group discussions.

o Conclusion: This portion of the report should be 2–3 paragraphs long. Summarize your analysis of the case and your recommendations. Mention the most important points or issues, or the major strengths and weaknesses. Discuss any overall recommendations for improvements that could be made to bolster operations.

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