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1. Most sports marketers avoid explicit brand promises because they:

a. are difficult to fulfill

b. cannot control how the team plays

c. are not effective in retaining customers

d. believe implied promises are more important

2. Brand building:

a. involves developing a promise that will create customer relationships

b. is strategies devised to capitalize on aspects of a brand to develop product offerings that add value for customers and drive business growth

c. entails decisions such as selecting a brand name and designing marks associated with the brand, such as a logo and colors

d. is made up of associations that a marketer aspires to project or communicate to its target market

3. When the Women’s NBA located a team in Phoenix, they wanted a name that would illustrate ________, so they chose the name Mercury. The NBA team has the name of Suns.

a. trendiness

b. recognizability

c. fit d. contrast

4. The following questions should be asked when designing or evaluating a current logo EXCEPT:

a. Is it distinctive?

b. Is it relevant?

c. Is it enduring?

d. Is it currently recognizable?

5. Which of the following statements is least likely true regarding the decision to keep or change a brand identity when relocating to a new market?

a. Retaining the current brand is less costly than establishing a new one.

b. A brand with high familarity should be considered for retention.

c. When a team needs a fresh start, retaining the current brand makes it easier to gain new fans.

d. Brand names that are general and applicable in the new market are appropriate to retain.

6. For sports brands with low awareness, ________ can be an instrument in building higher awareness:

a. brand marks

b. media coverage

c. brand equity

d. sponsorships

7. Benefits of brand extensions include the following EXCEPT:

a. meeting competitors’ offers

b. expanding customer base

c. preventing market share erosion

d. energizing a brand

8. Criteria for selecting CSR programs include the following EXCEPT:

a. issues that matter to the brand’s target market

b. brand positioning strategy decisions

c. methodologies used to connect the brand to an issue

d. activation programs

9. Amy really likes the new uniforms worn by the Miami Marlins baseball players. This is an example of the ________ component of the product.

a. intangible

b. live experience

c. tangible

d. personalities

10. How do smartphone apps primarily benefit sports properties?

a. additional revenue

b. lower costs

c. more control over content

d. fan engagement

11. The levels of a product include the following EXCEPT:

a. intangible product

b. augmented product

c. actual product

d. core product

12. In the next advertising campaign, Jeff plans to focus on the value-added features of the sports team for which he is marketing director. This is an example of the ________ product level.

a. intangible

b. augmented

c. actual

d. core

13. Translating product levels into managerial decisions is an important exercise for marketers. ________ is a managerial response to the actual product.

a. Action

b. Adapt

c. Experiment

d. Understand

14. Sports marketers are constrained in managing the ________ and therefore must adapt to the rules of the game or sport.

a. intangible product

b. augmented product

c. actual product

d. core product

15. The definition of innovation applied to sports products is the ability to:

a. deliver new value to a customer

b. deliver new value to the sports brand

c. generate revenue quickly

d. generate revenue at a profit

16. New products that are relatively minor adaptations of existing products are classified as:

a. continuous innovations

b. dynamically discontinuous innovations

c. dynamically continuous innovations

d. discontinuous innovations

17. UCLA is offering a special banquet dinner with live entertainment to season ticket holders of the college football team who have also donated at least $1,000 during the last year to athletic programs at the school. Why is UCLA most likely incorporating exclusivity in this situation?

a. extensive media coverage of the event

b. low importance of group members

c. limited knowledge of the recipients

d. high costs of the benefit

18. In designing experiential marketing programs, which of the following areas is least important to consider?

a. target market of each experience

b. types of experiences

c. delivery of experiences

d. facility design

19. Experiences emerging from the combination of participation and physical interaction dimensions include the following EXCEPT:

a. entertainment

b. education

c. emotion

d. escape

20. Which of the following is a sportscape factor that is most likely to affect fan satisfaction at a sporting event?

a. sponsor signage

b. team success

c. ticket prices

d. electronic displays

21. Types of sponsorship activation experiences include the following EXCEPT:

a. servicescape

b. branded spaces

c. interactive play

d. fantasy

22. A basketball team has developed a program that rewards customers based on how many tickets the person purchases. Season ticket holders receive a locker room tour, a special dinner with the players, and an autographed basketball. Individuals who buy large ticket packages receive the locker room tour and autographed basketball. Individuals who buy smaller ticket packages receive only the locker room tour. This marketing approach is based on:

a. branded events

b. client hospitality

c. value-added benefits

d. tiered rewards

23. Client hospitality at a sporting event is most likely used for the following purposes EXCEPT:

a. becoming acquainted with new customers or prospects

b. renewing relationships with existing customers

c. rewarding key customers

d. closing sponsorship deals

24. Josh has designed a unique activation experience for the baseball team’s best sponsors. He has arranged for the sponsors to create teams and play a mini tournament on the actual baseball field on a day the team is out of town. This is an example of sponsorship activation through:

a. servicescape

b. branded space

c. interactive play

d. fantasy

25. Sitting down in his seat at the basketball arena, Matt exclaimed, “Wow, these seats have cup holders for my Coke. Love it!” This is an example of the sportscape factor of:

a. layout accessibility

b. aesthetics

c. seating comfort

d. social responsibility

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