Due this sunday(dec,9). 5 pages art history essay

on one development that has contributed significantly to the manufacture of visual culture in a given time period(Tang dynasty).compose a four-page essay, which demonstrates the validity of your argument(thesis)through the comparative analysis of three examples visual culture(Porcelain, sculpture, painting).

For example, a development may consist of : an artistic development(style, technique,ect.), a literary or philosophical development, a technological or scientific development, a religious development, a social development, or any other significant historical event that contributed to any development.

A Given time period(tang dynasty) could be: the period of time covered in this course, or a particular date range(determined by you, for your argument.) be sure to select a date range that reflects a time period covered in this course.

For this assignment, you reflect on what has been covered in the course; and that you select a development that had the greatest impact on a given time, as demonstrated through your analysis of specific, visual examples.

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