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Answer the 6 questions based on the attachment provided.  The questions do not have to be in essay form.


  1. Detail the overall research design in the Ohio Lottery case (See Exhibit OL- 1). What are the advantages and disadvantages of this design?

  2. Evaluate the MET process (Exhibit OL-2). What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the MET technique?

  3. What measurement scales are used in the sample questions provided (Exhibit OL-3)? Why might the lottery attitude and lottery importance questions have presented the most challenge to the professional researchers?

  4. Using text Exhibit 13-4, map out the likely quantitative instrument content.

  5. The survey contained several questions that would alert the researchers that

    the participant was not taking the research process seriously (see case exhibit

    OL-3). Is this a good or a poor idea? Why?

  6. Evaluate the MET discussion guide for the Ohio Lottery Research. 



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