Discussion: protest music | American history homework help

 Music was a very important part of the protest movement of the 1960s and 1970s. There were songs protesting against racial discrimination, the war in Vietnam, capitalism, materialism, authority, etc. The following is one notable example of a protest song from the era.

“The Times They Are A-Changin” was written by Bob Dylan in 1963 and released on his 1964 album The Times They Are A-Changin. Listen to the song or read the lyrics and think about the following questions: do you find the message to be optimistic or pessimistic? Does this song have any resonance today (does it have anything to say to us today)? Explain. Add your thoughts to the discussion and then comment on someone else’s comments. Your initial posting must be a minimum of 150 words and the response more than 50 words.

Bob Dylan- Audio of “The Times they are a Changin'”


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