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The assignment gives you an opportunity to reflect on the six Praxis practice tests and to discuss strategies for taking the Praxis Core tests with classmates.

The Prompt

Respond to the following prompt(s) for this module.Now that you have completed the first three weeks of this module, you should have an awareness of your strengths and challenges with the Praxis Core Subject Matter Tests. Complete these tasks:

  • Discuss your strengths and challenges for each test: Math, Reading, and Writing.
  • Outline what you have learned about yourself during this module.
  • Identify strategies to be successful when taking the Praxis Core.


Discussion Forum Assignment Guidelines (opens in a new window)
https://vlc.nccommunitycolleges.edu/bb-templates/discussion-forums.htmlTo successfully complete this discussion assignment, you should refer to the lecture narrative and reading assignments for Module 3.

Grading Criteria

Your discussion forum posts and replies will be evaluated using this rubric:  Discussion Forum Rubric (MS Word Document) Discussion Forum Rubric (MS Word Document) – Alternative Formats (opens in a new download window)


For a satisfactory score, your initial responses should include specific support from course materials, including any readings, videos, or lecture narratives, your own experiences, or other sources as detailed in the assignment instructions. Post your opening response to the questions early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.You should also respond in a substantive way to other students, moving the conversation forward, presenting an alternative viewpoint, or providing additional support for classmates’ ideas. Supporting information is expected in those responses as well.

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