Discussion: antecedents of job attitudes


Consider the following scenario: Joanne has been with the same company for 6 years, working her way to IT manager. She has had four people reporting to her, and she has had a good relationship with her own supervisor who works remotely, giving Joanne plenty of autonomy. The company has recently undergone restructuring, however, and Joanne has been called into a meeting to review some imminent changes. Instead of the promotion she had been anticipating as a result of many extra hours and special projects, Joanne now will have eight direct reports but no increase in pay, while the two other managers at her level only have five direct reports. Joanne will have a new supervisor in the same office—a known micromanager with a penchant for unprofessional outbursts. In addition, she and the rest of the IT department will no longer be eligible for bonuses, and the company can no longer afford to match retirement funds. Can you predict the impact of these changes on Joanne’s job attitudes? If you were told that Joanne had no plans to leave the company, could you understand why, or would you be surprised?

In this Discussion, you will explain how POS, LMX, quality of supervisor-subordinate relationship, justice, or trust in management affect job attitudes using an example from your experience.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Read the article “Organizational Justice and Readiness for Change: A Concomitant Examination of the Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Identification.” Think about POS and justice regarding readiness for change and more broadly the impact on job attitudes.
  • Read the article “Perception Is Reality: Change Leadership and Work Engagement.” Think about LMX and how it can impact engagement and perceptions of change.
  • Read the article “Perceived Organizational Support: Why Caring About Employees Counts.” Consider the impact on job attitudes of POS, LMX, quality of supervisor-subordinate relationship, justice, and trust in management.
  • Read the article “The Impact of Employees’ Values on Role Engagement: Assessing the Moderating Effects of Distributive Justice.” Consider the impact of justice on engagement and job attitudes.
  • Read the article “Leader Psychological Capital and Employee Work Engagement: The Roles of Employee Psychological Capital and Team Collectivism.” Think about the trickle-down relationship of leader psychological capital on supervisor relationship, LMX, and its effect on engagement and job attitudes.
  • In your response, prepare to respond to a colleague who chose a different variable. 

By Day 3

Post a response to the following:Provide an explanation of how one of the following—POS, LMX, quality of supervisor-subordinate relationship, justice, or trust in management—has been shown to affect job attitudes such as job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Then, describe a work situation you (or someone you know) has experienced in which POS, LMX, quality of supervisor-subordinate relationship, justice, or trust in management (choose one) affected job attitudes.

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