Crimonogly assignment 6 10 questions according to text due 2 oct 13

Please answer the following questions from chapters 11 and 13.  

Chapter 11

1. What are some examples of white-collar crime in American history?

2. How can white-collar and corporate crime be controlled?  What are four areas of reform through which white-collar crime might be effectively addressed?

3. What is organized crime?  How does it differ from white-collar crime?

4. What strategies does this chapter discuss for combating the activities of organized crime? 

5. What is money laundering?  How might money laundering be reduced or prevented? Can you think of any strategies this chapter does not discuss for the reduction of money laundering activities in the United States?  If so, what are they?

Ch. 13

6. How does advancing technology produce new forms of crime?

7. How does technology provide criminal opportunities?

8. What different types of computer criminals does this chapter describe?

9. What is identity theft, and how can identities be stolen?

10. What is being done to combat cybercrime and to secure the Internet today?

11. What are some of the personal freedoms that are threatened by today’s need for advanced security?

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