Children’s literacy | Literature homework help


This week’s focus is on foundations in children’s literature. Alphabets, chapbooks, and picture books are staples of children’s literature. This week you will identify key attributes of these different genres and explore their significance to the study of children’s literature. Explain the importance of illustration in these books, which is a key to these genres.

Create a 6- to 8-slide presentation with speaker notes where you explain the importance of illustration in literature for children. Address examples from two or three texts among our readings this week.

Include a description of the key attributes of children’s alphabooks, chapbooks, and picture books. These include line, color, textual effects, shapes, composition, and narrative quality of the images.

Note. Your presentation can take the form of a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, or you can use an alternate delivery method. These include:

  • Pamphlet
  • Video
  • Online poster
  • Prezi

Seek facilitator approval on your delivery method.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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