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312 class instruction Just as men are from Mars and women are from Venus (or so the saying goes), corporate executives and supply chain professionals are also from different planets. The make-up of executive committees and boards of directors includes people who are largely not from the supply chain world. Talking about faster inventory turns probably invokes some mental image of material spinning around in some god-forsaken facility that few in this group have ever visited. To put it bluntly, you entered the lair of a group whose obsession is strategy, corporate-level indicators, and financial results. You, on the other hand, brought to them a world that is more about tactical operations, nonfinancial indicators, and activities instead of accomplishments. Can anyone spell disconnect? Would it not have been better to speak their language? What would be your suggestion to get both types of management on the same page so to speak?  How could you get them to communicate and understand what is important to both of them?

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Respond to brian 100 words: class 312 Supply Chain Financial Management 

This is a very great example of what I’m about to explain when it comes to supply and finance being on the same page. I’m the Fleet Maintenance Superintendent for a small city here in central Florida. I have been there for a bout a year and a half now. We have over 500 pieces of  equipment and vehicle to include the fire and police department. Each year we sit down and discuss information on what equipment and vehicles that needs to be exchanged because of miles or over usage date. I found out that our city finance department was making the decision of determining what vehicles needed to be replaced along with how many. No one could explain to me why this would make any sense. So to correct the issue the Fleet Department  is now in charge of all fleet related issues, and to tie the finance department in is that the budget and cost will be reported to them on which equipment that needs to be replaced. I truly understand the role of the finance department because  when you talk about budget and money it all goes together. In the corporate level that process could become a little more difficult. There are so many parts and moving pieces that you probably have  to communicate on a daily basics when we are discussing connecting supply and finance as far as inventory. The military operates a little different from the civilian world when discussing supply. A certain amount of funds are allocated for that unit for the physical year so the flow of goods runs smoothly.

Respond to Travis 100 words: class 312 Supply Chain Financial Management 

Over the course of time, I would say that the supply chain management was not something high on executive’s minds.  Today’s market and the competitiveness within, I feel has changed that outlook. When dealing with suppliers, companies are trying to find any advantage to leverage cost savings.  Those companies who have decided to include the supply chain in their executive world have opened their access to information and visibility on overall performance.

Even in the military we have built teams such as “Tiger Teams”, to tackle problems in efficiency and cost saving measures.  At the end of the day, we work for the tax payer and should be saving every penny possible in our processes.  One thing that the military does well, is to plan effectively, and this week’s reading discussed this topic a bit.  To plan effectively, teams should conduct business as follows:

· Align teams with challenging goals for each

· Determine who is best suited to lead each team

· Ensure proper training is conducted

· List needed resources

· Build team hierarchy

· Set goals/milestones for each team

· Method of rewards for involvement

· Develop certain guidelines to add value to the team

One example that I use with my teams are to develop “SMART” goals, and get buy in from everyone.

· Specific

· Measurable

· Achievable

· Relevant

· Time-based

Although this is not something that will solve all the tasks or problems, it helps our team to discuss concerns and possible outcomes of projects.  Getting each side to understand that everyone’s piece of the puzzle adds to the big picture within the logistics community, enables more cross-talk and better outcomes.


Trent, R.J. (2016). Supply chain financial management: Best practices, tools, and applications for improved performance. J.Ross Publishing

Define Supply Chain Management 313 instructions:In no less than one paragraph discuss your definition of Supply Chain Management and its role in a company’s ability to compete effectively in the market.

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Respond 100 words to AMBROSE:

According to Wikipedia, Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services, involving movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. It also design, plan, execute, control and monitor activities of supply chain with the aim of creating value, building infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, transferring supply with demand and measuring performance worldwide.
Speed is important because customers value fast service. Increasing speed, however, can cause costs to skyrocket, so maximizing efficiency is equally important. The most effective supply chains deliver products as fast and as cheaply as possible without sacrificing quality. Top companies accomplish this by using complicated logistics tools, such as computer algorithms that choose optimal routes for product shipping and large company databases that allow distant employees to pool order information and coordinate their efforts in real time.Supply-chain management provides a way to develop a competitive advantage without having to lower your prices. For instance, by developing a more efficient supply chain, you can deliver orders faster to customers. All else being equal, customers will choose the company that meets their needs fastest, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.
Competition is a big deal amongst organizations in supply chain management.
Supply chain has existed for years, but companies feels that it is only a value-add to their operations. Supply chain management is important mostly to companies who thinks they must rely on the effective supply chain or network, to compete in the market. Companies like Dell and Hewlett-Packard have successfully operated jointly with supply networks whereby specialized business partners focuses on only few key strategic activities (Scott,1993).

Respond 100 words to Mark:

Supply chain management simply put is the process of procuring materials to manufacture goods to then deliver to the end-user being the consumer.  I found it interesting this process did not become defined until the 1950’s or 1960’s as technology evolved.  It has developed along two paths since then as we learned this week from our reading.  The first path is the focus on procuring supplies from industrial suppliers.  The second path is the focus on customer service and the logistics aspect as related to wholesalers and retailers.

Supply Chain management can also be broken up into four parts or main components.  These parts are Supply, operations, logistics, and integration.  Supply involves many aspects.  Purchasing materials that are from a quality source and are themselves quality is important.  Supply also involves proper timing so as to not create a shortage or overstock within the pipeline.  When procuring supplies pricing is also a major factor along with safety.  Finally, as environmental issues have become more prevalent in the minds of consumers and business managers how supply impacts to our planet also has become a consideration.  The second component being operations focuses on the steps after supply procurement.  Operational entities take the supplies and create the right amount of products for the right price that meet the quality standards sought.  Once produced the logistics component takes over bringing the products the rest of the way to where the end-user will purchase them.  Obviously, costs must be controlled so the products are not priced above what a consumer is willing to pay.  Finally, in order to make this all work all levels of the supply chain must integrate to work cohesively.  By doing so the correct amount of product will be available at the correct price and at the correct time in order to increase profits for the company.              


Wisner, J. D., Tan, K., Leong, G. K. (2014). Principles of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach, (4th ed). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Abnormal behaviors | Psychology homework help


Abnormal Behaviors

Discuss the following: 

How can we distinguish normal from abnormal behavior?

  • Provide and example of abnormal behavior
  • Provide an example of normal behavior
  • Determine what helped you to draw your conclusions regarding normal and abnormal behaviors
  • Do you think society and culture influence what is considered “Normal”? 
  • Explain your answers.

Macro economy | Economics homework help


Below is your final.  I set up a “Turn It In” dropbox.  I’ve never used this before, and I want to know how it works.  Please let me know if you have any trouble.
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 Question A 1.
Mishkin and Rogoff both have ideas about the costs and benefits of financial globalization.  Furthermore, you may be able to make some inferences about what Kling would think of financial globalization.  Given that, consider the following questions:  
•    Why, according to the authors, might an international institution succeed when domestic institutions cannot.
•    What would an international institution do in a crisis?
•    What benefits would an international institution provide to the global financial community?
•    What are the disadvantages of creating a strong international financial institution to help with financial crises?
To get an A on this question, you must try to interject what you THINK Kling would say about these topics on an international level, even though his essay (Not What They Had in Mind) focused on the US.

To answer this question use the following articles 

Read Mishkin’s article about global financial instability.

Read Rogoff’s article about global financial instability.

Read Arnold Kling’s history of the policies that created the great recession

Question A2. 

Listen to these:

Munger discussed the nature of the firm, while Kling discussed the nature of progress.  First, carefully discuss Munger’s view on why firms exist.  Then discuss Kling’s view on progress.
Then discuss how these two fit together.  How, in other words, have firms been able to keep up with progress?  (In other words, how has managing a firm (especially it personnel) changed in the last 100 years.)


Question B1.  
Both Lucas and Taylor believe that monetary stimulus can influence the real economy in the short run.  However, they explain the way that money achieves this in very different ways.  What is similar and different about Lucas and Taylor’s transmission mechanism?

To answer read the below articles

Read John Taylor’s article about monetary transmission mechanisms.

Read Lucas’ Noble lecture on monetary neutrality.



Question B3.
Mishkin gives a good explanation of what banks do.  So, what do banks do?  (Bank=financial system.)  What happens when banks can’t do what they do?  In your answer, be sure to discuss asymmetric information.

To answer read the below article 

Read Mishkin’s article about global financial instability.

and you can use those two links for help 

Phases of disaster management | Government homework help

 Based on your readings from the text and your own research, discuss the phases of disaster management. Which phase do you think is most important and why? Discuss public-private partnerships with an emphasis on the role of faith-based response agencies. Finally, explain what role special needs populations play or should play in disaster response and recovery efforts. 

400 words

Unit 7 health discussion | Psychology homework help

College students can feel overwhelmed when dealing with stress, performance, and fear of failing. Many students misuse stimulants to help them to be more focused and relaxed. In addition, several college students reported taking stimulants without a prescription. Why do you think students take stimulants? What are the positive and negative effects of stimulants? What would you tell someone who was considering using stimulants to enhance their abilities, focus, and skills?

Film analysis | Operations Management homework help

Film: Darwin’s Nightmare

The purpose of this assignment is to apply relevant course concepts to the documentary film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’

(course: Global Dimensions of Business)

Guidelines: Answer the following questions on one page, single spaced with 1-inch margins, and11 cpi font, Times New Roman.Do not repeat the question; just give the number of the question, and sub-question when applicable, for instance 1a, 1b. Underline course concepts applied.The grade will be based primarily on the use of relevant course concepts the depth of analysis.

1.What was being imported into and exported fromTanzania?  Does the pattern of trade depicted in the film conform to your understanding of the expected benefits of a country engaging in free trade and pursuing its comparative advantage?Why or why not?

2.What are the long-term consequences of such trade for Tanzania?Do you see both negative and positive outcomes?

3.Consider the visit by the European Union officials at the conference on Nile Perch.  Did the officials appear to fully understand the situation in the country?  Did they play a helpful role?

4.What can business do to  help create better social, environmental and business conditions in countries like Tanzania?Discuss from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility.

Resources:In preparation for watching the film, read the following:

◼Film Director, Hubert Sauper’s website:

◼Article by Nancy Chege of Worldwatch 

In preparation for discussion, read the following:

◼Article by Mark Weston of

◼Article by

No plagiarism!!!

Phase 1 orthodontic | Biology homework help

Give multiple reasons phase 1 treatment is used in orthodontic offices. You can review the pros of treating at an early age such as avoiding jaw surgery or extracting of permanent teeth. Mainly focus on “crowding” of the teeth. Only need one page single spaced and cited page. 

Managerial economics badm-535 reflection & discussion on chapter 16:

Managerial Economics BADM-535  Reflection & Discussion on Chapter 16: Bargaining, Chapter 17: Making Decisions with Uncertainty, Chapter 18: Auctions

 Type a two-page paper regarding what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.  Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in managerial economics. After submitting your two page paper as an initial post in the “Reflection and Discussion Forum,” then type at least two peer replies in response to your classmates posts (200 word minimum each). 

Week’s assignment 5 | Computer Science homework help

In this week’s assignment you are instructed to create a stack class and name it ArrayStack then add several methods to it (ArrayClass(), push(), pop(), isEmpty(), peek(), and count()). Will the ArrayStack class have a main() method? Why or Why not?

need resources and APA

Db 1 | Business & Finance homework help

Read Hout, Porter, & Rudden’s (1982) article and review the three examples of the companies that were successful in competing globally.  Each of the companies had a different approach to executing global strategy. In today’s current global environment, why should a company engage in international business? Using a minimum of five new peer reviewed journal articles, provide examples of companies who were successful in doing this. Is their strategy similar to the Hout, Porter, & Rudden (1982) article? Explain.