Business ethics and social responsibility


Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop awareness and understanding of cultural      and national differences related to ethics.
  • Write coherent project about a case study or an      actual research about ethics. 

Assignment Instructions: 

  • Login to Saudi Digital Library (SDL).
  • Search for the article entitled as Taken for a      Ride: Fraud at the Ministry of Transport Case. by Gee & Bridgman (2019).      in SAGE Business Cases.
  • Besides this research paper use other relevant      material to support your answers.


1– Why is the ability for employees to ‘blow the whistle’ important for the reputation of organizations? Consider this in relation to the case. ( words 150-200).

2– What aspects of the ministry’s culture made it more/less likely that staff concerns about Harrison

would be taken seriously? ( words 150-200).  

3– What actions would you take to develop a culture at the ministry that encourages and rewards

employees who speak up about inappropriate behavior? ( words 150-200).

4. Based on your understanding of the reputation matrix, how do you describe the type of leadership exemplified in this case by Martin Matthews? Why? ( words 150-200)






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