Business database management | Operations Management homework help


This is your individual assignment #3. Attached is the guideline that described what is expected in your submission. You are to submit a completed Access database file into iLearn for this assignment. Make sure your submitted file has the file extension .accdb

Demonstration of skills needed to complete this assignment is within chapters 7 and 8 lecture videos. Please make sure you review them before starting on this assignment. 

Please note: I am more than happy to answer any specific question you may have regarding the assignment if you are stuck and/or need help. However, I will not be able to pre-grade your assignment by ‘taking a look’ and tell you all that is wrong with your design (without you being specific) before the due date. So, please describe what you need assistance on, and that will allow me to better assist you on the assignment.

You can submit the assignment file up to 3 times to this assignment in iLearn if you need to revise it. I will grade the last submission, which means if the last submission is late, the late submission policy will apply.

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