Book review of simply christian by n. t. wright.


The student will write a 7–8 page review of Simply Christian by N. T. Wright. Your goal in

reviewing this book is to provide a brief summary and careful evaluation. A good review should

include the following components.

1. Identify the purpose and overall structure.

2. Briefly explain some of the main points.

3. Briefly evaluate the clarity and organization of the book.

4. Evaluate whether this book has provided insight into Christianity and achieved its stated

purpose. Does the author satisfy my curiosity about the subject with the questions he raises

and the answers he gives to them? Is the author’s research sound and has it drawn valid

conclusions? Is the author consistent and logical? Do biases (and be sure to realize that you,

the reader, also have biases) influence the author’s conclusions? Be sure to critically evaluate

the book, giving specific examples from the book with detailed argumentation.

Format for Critical Book Review: Double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font.

Submissions must be Microsoft Word documents only. The choice of formatting style (e.g., SBL, APA,

MLA, Turabian) is at the student’s discretion, so long as there is consistency. Use inclusive language.

The title page must contain the following: title; student’s name, email address, course name and

number. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the instructor receives an electronic submission

of the research paper correctly uploaded to Moodle.

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