Bachman, ieshia evans, baton rouge (2016).jpg

For this assignment, you will practice analyzing how various rhetorical elements contribute to the overall meaning of a visual image–in this case, a photograph. To begin, click on the attached image.

By way of some context, this photo was taken in 2016 at a protest rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The woman in the photo is named Ieshia Evans. The photographer is named Jonathan Bachman.  Bachman’s photo, which was first published by Reuters, was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 2017. You can use this information to do more research on the image, if you like.

Now, review once again the Elements and Methods of Visual Rhetoric document and select from it three elements that you wish to discuss in relation to this photo. Please note that this is not a formal essay assignment, so do not treat it as such. For example, you do not need to create a formal introduction.

Begin by simply providing an interpretive claim–i.e., stating what you believe is the meaning or message of Bachman’s photo. Ideally, this should be just one sentence (tho you can write two if necessary). After that, your document simply needs to contain three paragraphs, one for each rhetorical element you have selected. In each paragraph, you need to explain fully how the particular element contributes to the overall meaning or message of the image.

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