Assignment | Digital Forensics Tools & Tech


Week 1: Assignment #1


1. Please read these two articles: 

· Using forensics against a fitbit device to solve a murder:

· How Amazon Echo could be forensically analyzed!

2. Then go around in your residence / dwelling (home, apartment, condo, etc) and be creative.

3.  Identify at least five appliances or devices that you THINK could be forensically analyzed and then identify how this might be useful in an investigation. Note – do not count your computer or mobile device. Those are obvious!

4. I expect at least one paragraph answer for each device. 

Why did I assign this? 

The goal is to have you start THINKING about how any device, that is capable of holding electronic data (and transmitting to the Internet) could be useful in a particular investigation! 

 Due Date

This is due by Sunday, May 10th at 11:59PM

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