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You are required to use the following case study and complete the tasks as per the description given below.


You and a few of your classmates decided to become entrepreneurs. You came up with a great idea for a new 3D scanning application that you think will make lots of money. Your business plan won first place in a local software competition and awarded you $10,000. You are using the $10,000 prize money to support yourselves as you start your company, but this amount will not be enough and you may need to explore other options to generate funds to help you develop the software application and have a successful business. Think through the business processes, key decisions, and information needs issues you may face.

Complete the following tasks and submit your answers as a report. Make sure to follow the requirements and report structure mentioned below under a separate heading.


a. Identify the key decisions you need to make to be successful entrepreneurs, the information you need to make them, and the business processes you will need to engage in.

b. Your company will need to exchange information with various external parties. Identify the external parties, and specify the information received from and sent to each of them.

c. Identify the external sources of funding and how you will approach them.

d. State and explain the security, legal and ethical issues that may arise from the development and use of the software application?


Assignment: TACC603 – Accounting Information systems

Requirements & report structure

Reference sources from general websites are not acceptable.

At least six (6) credible references must be used and at least three (3) of these must be from academic (scholarly) journals. The remaining three (3) may be from industry magazines or books. The references can be from printed or online sources and must be current (i.e. within the last seven (7) years). You can use material from organisational web sites as an example to support your arguments but it is not counted towards the references’ quota (i.e., 6 references).

You are to complete the tasks listed at the end of the case study and submit your answers as a report (3000 words, excluding executive summary and reference list).

For report, create a WORD file to develop your report and include the following:

Title page (no borders or frames, required details include a suitable report title, assignment title, your name, student number, course code and title, and due date)

Executive summary (briefly describe the purpose of the report and the date on which it was requested, a brief summary of your major findings, conclusions, and recommendations.)

Table of contents (use the feature in WORD for auto generated TOC, the headings ‘Title page’, ‘Executive summary’ and ‘Table of contents’ and also the individual headings on the title page should not appear in the table of contents that is generated.)

Introduction (identify the purpose of the report and what you will be discussing within the report.)

Discussion (This is the main body of the report, after ‘Introduction’ and before ‘Conclusion’ headings. This is where you will present the arguments for your recommendations. You will need to consider headings and sub‐headings, as many as your discussion requires, between ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’, using WORD heading styles to guide your discussion to answer the tasks listed for the case study. You will need to determine in which order you present your material. You should not include the tasks, but a discussion about those issues that have been highlighted in the tasks.)

Conclusion (a very brief summary of your judgement)

Recommendations (after discussion and analysis, state explicitly what your recommendations are)

References, a complete reference list at the end of the report using Harvard referencing style

Headers (only include <Assignment title> as centred, and <page numbers> as right aligned)

Footers (only include <your student ID, LASTNAME> as left aligned, and <course code> as right aligned)

Header and footer should start from the page containing ‘Introduction’ heading.

Paragraph formatting (should be left aligned, single spaced and 6 pt space after each paragraph.)


Assignment: TACC603 – Accounting Information systems

Headings and sub‐headings should not be in number or bullet style.

‘Title page’ ‘Executive summary’, and ‘Table of contents’ should be on separate pages.

‘Introduction’ heading should start from a new page and after that there should not be any white space (blank line spaces) between headings.

‘References’ heading should start on a new page and references should be in alphabetical order by authors.

References, under the ‘References’ heading, should not be numbered or have bullets.


In report, marks will be awarded based on content that constitutes your work in terms of argument development.

Avoid discussing specific hardware and software requirements.

Make any assumptions that you find necessary; however, be sure to state your assumptions within the report.

There is no correct solution for the report. It is possible for students to make different recommendations. What is crucial is that the argument presented is logical and consistent, and clearly demonstrates that the organisation’s needs are met, and that the tasks, in the case, have been addressed.

Note particularly: The work submitted must be in your own words. Lengthy quotes, even if referenced correctly, are not considered to be your own work

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