Ashworth semester exam bz46s project management


BZ46S : Project Management

Question 1

A project __________ is the tangible end product that the project team must produce or deliver.





Question 2

The collapse of a retaining wall could be a risk to the project __________ for a garden construction project.





Question 3

The project purpose should:

summarize the need and justification for the project.

state what is expected to be accomplished.

state the major end products or items expected to be produced.

be concise and create a vision for the end result of the project.

Question 4

Materials that would be used for a construction project are:

concrete truck delivery fees and permits.

people, money, and time.

lumber, windows, and paint.

rough carpenters, plumbers, and finishers.

Question 5

The __________ section of the project scope document is where the contractor or project team can state and clarify exactly what is included in the work scope and provide an opportunity to reconsider items that are not stated but that the customer may have forgotten to include in her requirements or RFP.

statement of work

customer requirement


acceptance criteria

Question 6

When estimating the types and quantities of resources required for each specific activity, it is valuable to involve a person who:

is hired by the customer to be a consultant regardless of experience on the type of project.

has expertise or experience with the activity to help make the estimate.

has experience negotiating contracts.

has the most experience using a project management information system.

Question 7

Materials costs in the project costs estimate are the estimated costs of materials that the project team or contractor:

want to have in supply in the office.

needs even if not for this particular project.

needs to purchase for the project.

might want to use on the project.

Question 8

The __________ is the warning flag for when to implement the action plan for the risk.

action trigger

priority order

mitigation plan

degree of impact

Question 9

The project manager coordinates the activities of the __________ to ensure that they perform the right tasks at the proper time, as a cohesive group.


various team members


project sponsor

Question 10

__________ body language can be a frown, crossed arms, slouching, fidgeting, gazing or looking away, doodling, or yawning.





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