Annotated bibliography | Public Health | AACSB Int’l–The Assoc. to Advance Collegiate Schools of Bus.

Write the annotated bibliography of the three given articles. 

From the article: Need to  answer of those question. 



o Article 1: Find one article that discusses your selected health topic – define the topic, provide risk factors, justify why it is an important public health issue, research, etc

o Article 2: Find one article that discuss evidence-based prevention/management strategies tackling your health issue using 

§ Health education/Health policy/environmental change/communication 

§ At least two should be policy-focused 

o Article 3: Find one article that discusses specific interventions that have been implemented to tackle your health issue (and  population of interest) 

· Local/ state/national level — include a mix of these levels 

Also, I have uploaded the sample for it, and need to be in APA FROMAT. 

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