Strategic Human Resource Management Presentation

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Strategic Human Resource Management Presentation

Review the strategic plan of your organization’s HR department.

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation for your chief nursing officer detailing your research.

Address the following areas in your presentation and include why each is important:

  • Definition of human resource management
  • Nurse retention rates for the organization
  • The varying educational levels of nurses
  • Analysis of the employee satisfaction survey results and areas for improvement
  • Plans to recruit specialty nurses
  • Why proactive action is important in the areas identified
  • Recommended interventions

Research at least four peer-reviewed journal articles less than 5 years old to support your Strategic Human Resource Management Presentation assignment.

Include detailed speaker notes and a slide with APA-formatted references.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Strategic Human Resource Management Presentation assignment.

Create a 1- to 2-page executive summary analyzing the effects of health care staff trends. Include your recommendations for hiring strategies that:

  • forecast and describe at least two health care trends,
  • analyze how the trends will affect human resources, and
    Strategic Human Resource Management Presentation

    Strategic Human Resource Management Presentation

  • identify three to five HRM strategies from the course readings to address the trends.

Research at least three peer-reviewed journal articles less than 5 years old to support your assignment.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

HSN 555 WEEK 3 Title VII Analysis

Identify an authentic discrimination situation that you either personally witnessed or researched from literature regarding an employee from a Title VII protected class related to human resource management.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of the legal issue and how a nurse leader could prevent this from happening. Your analysis should:

  • Describe the chosen authentic discrimination case.
  • Explore the ethical principles violated in this case.
  • Identify which Title VII protected class is involved.
  • Identify the state and federal laws that were violated.
  • Explore and develop evidence-based methods to prevent this from happening in your own organization.
  • Write a short policy (can be amending an existing one) that meets the needs of the agency given this issue identified.
  • Describe how you would make changes to the human resources polices for your human resources department.

Research at least three peer-reviewed journal articles less than 5 years old to support your assignment.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


William F. Glueck defines strategic management as “a series of decisions and actions that leads to the development of successful plan or strategies to aid in the achievement of company objectives.” 
Strategic management is described as the combination of decisions and actions that lead to the formation and implementation of strategies that help company accomplish its goals. 
As result, strategic management is high-level decision-making process. 
Its goal is to make efficient and effective use of resources in order to achieve organizational goals.


SHRM is the process of creating practices, programs, and policies that aid in the achievement of organizational goals.
By converting company objectives into specific peoplemanagement systems, SHRM evaluates the implications of businessstrategies for all HR systems within organizations.
It entails the development of strategies on three levels:
1. at the corporate level 2. at the level of the business unit 3. at the level of the functional unit


1.CORPORATE LEVEL: This is determined by senior management.


The most closely connected corporate level strategies are those that translate an organization’s mission statement into action.


The long-term orientation of an organization is represented through corporate strategies.


2.BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGY: This refers to collection of related business divisions.


It is concerned with how the SBU performs in specific market or industry.


3.FUNCTIONAL LEVEL STRATEGY: Functional strategies are short-term gameplans designed for important functional areas in order to achieve corporate and business-level strategies and objectives.



The action phase of the strategic management process, known as strategy implementation, encompasses strategy activation, evaluation, and control.


The operational details to translate strategy into effective practice are included in the implementation step in strategic management: communicating and motivating; setting goals; formulating policies and functional strategies, organizational restructuring; leadership implementation, and resource allocation.



The final part of the SHRM process is strategy evaluation.


The goal is to see if the strategy is reaching its goals as it is being executed, and if not, to take corrective action.
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