Sharing Evidence Assignment

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Sharing Evidence Assignment

Sharing Evidence Assignment

Sharing Evidence Assignment

Week 7 discussion Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice After the data have been analyzed, conclusions are made regarding what the findings mean. Then, this information must be shared with your healthcare team. Choose one of the articles from the Week 5 RRL assignment, and discuss the findings. Would you apply the evidence found to your practice? Explain your answer. Translating research into practice is the final and most important step in the research process. Review information you found your nursing clinical issue and explain ways in which you would share the research-based evidence with your peers.


The evidence framework provides the ability for agencies to share evidence between a person/prospect person, application case, and ongoing cases.

This ensures that clients do not have to complete the same information repeatedly and so that all associated agencies are informed when client information changes. Evidence Broker functions enable and mediate the sharing of evidence. The evidence broker acts as both a receiver and a broadcaster of new, updated and removed evidence. It allows the agency to compare evidence that is received from different sources and determine the appropriate action.

Evidence sharing is one directional and per evidence type. This approach means that different targets can receive and share an evidence type in different ways. If required, one case type might be able to receive shared evidence, but might not be able to share its own evidence

Three main business functions trigger the evidence broker to broadcast evidence:

When a new person is added to a target case to which the evidence is shared. For example, if person evidence or prospect person evidence, for example, identification evidence, is configured for sharing to an integrated case and a person is added to the integrated case. The evidence broker first checks to see if that person is a person or prospect person. Then, the evidence broker checks for identification evidence. If identification evidence is found, then it is shared with the integrated case.
When evidence changes are made to a source case (where the evidence change happens). For example, when changes are made to a persons identification evidence, the evidence broker shares those changes to the integrated case.
When a new target case is created. For example, when a new integrated case is created, the evidence broker searches for person or prospect person identification evidence to be shared. If this evidence is found, the evidence broker shares the identification evidence to the integrated case.

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