Introduction to Anthropology Questions

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Introduction to Anthropology Questions

1. List three traits found in primates that distinguish them from other mammals.

2. True or False? According to the primate taxonomy provided in this lab, lemurs are more closely related to tarsiers than they are to lorises.

3. Lorises Choose an item.

4. What is the only place on Earth where you can find lemurs living in the wild?

5. Describe one trait that tarsiers share with lorises and lemurs. Describe one trait that tarsiers share with the anthropoids.

6. Describe one trait that distinguishes the platyrrhines and catarrhines. (Be sure to describe how the trait varies between the groups.)

7. Which of the following traits is found in some New World monkeys and none of the Old World monkeys? Choose an item.

8. I live in a forest of central Africa. I am arboreal and have a long tail. I have bilophodont molars, and I have a diet that includes a lot of leaves. Which type of primate am I? Choose an item.

9. List two traits that are found in apes (and humans) but not in other primates.

10. I live in the forests of Southeast Asia. I am arboreal and swing through the trees. I have Y-5 molars, and I eat a lot of fruit. I live in small social groups, where males and females work together to defend the territory and raise offspring. What type of primate am I?

Choose an item.

Lab Exercise 1. Distinguishing Mammals and Primates
Primate (yes or no) Trait
Mystery Animal A
Mystery Animal B
Lab Exercise 2. Lemurs and Lorises

Part A
Nocturnal or Diurnal Trait
Primate A
Primate B

Part B.

Lemur or Anthropoid Trait
Primate A
Primate B

Exercise 3. Tarsiers

Introduction to Anthropology Questions

Introduction to Anthropology Questions

Review the material in the lab appendix.

1. Tarsiers have an unusual mix of anatomical features. Describe one feature that is unique to tarsiers.

2. Are tarsiers closely related to lemurs and lorises or to monkeys and apes? Describe three anatomical traits that can be used as evidence to support your answer.

Exercise 4. New World monkeys versus Old World monkeys
Use the monkey crania images depicted in the lab appendix
1. Which of these monkeys is a New World monkey?

2. Which of these monkeys is an Old World monkey?

3. Describe two traits you used to make these identifications. (Be sure to describe how each trait varied in the two monkeys.)

Exercise 5. Old World monkeys versus Apes
Part A.
Old World monkey or Ape? Trait
Primate A
Primate B

Part B.
Old World monkey or Ape Trait
Primate A
Primate B

Critical Thinking Questions
On the separate document I posted (Primate Table) please answer critical thinking question three…essentially just use the chapter and my powerpoint to fill out the table.

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