Assignment: research question

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Assignment: research question

Assignment: research question


Assignment: Scholarly article in a psychology journal that utilizes a hypothesis or research question

Scholarly article in a psychology journal that utilizes a hypothesis or research question. Use e-library resources attached in course materials You will answer each question below with full complete sentences using solid academic writing. Use in-text citations when needed. A reference page with all resources listed using APA formatting is expected.

Respond to the following questions about your scholarly article. You may answer the questions directly in this document or you may complete the assignment on a separate document.

1. Provide the APA reference

2. Identify the hypothesis or research question(s) used in the study

3. Describe the study. What was the purpose of the study/or research question(s)?

4. Which test statistic was used?

5. Report the statistical results (using correct APA style formatting).

6. Interpret and explain the statistical results. Was the hypothesis supported?

7. What, if any, future research was suggested?

While their focuses, methods, and conclusions varied greatly, those who came before Socrates, and Socrates and Plato, had one underlying question for which they were seeking a solution: what is the nature of knowledge (truth) and how do we attain it?

Answer first, in general, how did the Pre-Socratics (i.e., The Materialists, which excludes Pythagoras), and Socrates and Plato (you may include Pythagoras here) view: 1) the ultimate nature of reality, 2) how do we know it, and is knowledge apriori (within us at birth) or a posteriori (learned through experience)? How did they answer the question of the nature of permanence and change?

Then, second, after comparing and contrasting the Pre-Socratics and the ancients after them through Plato (there is overlap), what do believe the nature of reality to be? With which of these philosophers do you agree the most and why?


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